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Category: Climate Crisis

Clean Creatives: PR Professionals for a Safe Climate

Over 50 Canadian advertisers and PR agencies have joined a 900-strong global group that has pledged not to work for the fossil fuel industry. Founded in the U.S., the Clean Creatives group aims to shine a light on the key and often overlooked role advertisers play in generating and spreading disinformation about fossil fuels and […]

What does COP28 have to do with me?

The latest UN Climate Change Conference in the United Arab Emirates (COP28) may seem a long way from our priority issues at home: the cost-of-living crisis, health care, unemployment, homelessness and global conflicts. But while Pierre Poilievre glibly lays all these at the feet of Justin Trudeau, the fact is the climate crisis has a […]

Unravelling the Climate Conundrum with Help from Gandhi

We have a problem, a very big one. The evidence is everywhere. The floods in Pakistan; the extreme heatwaves in India, China, Europe and much of the US this year; the droughts driving famine in Somalia and fires in British Columbia and England; and the drying out of the Amazon rain forest to cite a […]