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Hamilton 350 is a 100% volunteer-operated organization. We don’t have a mailing address, a phone number, or a bank account. But we do have expenses!

  • There’s the hosting infrastructure for this website.
  • We have a Zoom account to pay for.
  • We produce materials from time to time for events and actions.
  • We need access to a sound system for rallies.
  • We occasionally provide honoraria for selected speakers.
  • … you get the idea!

Given that we don’t have a stand-alone bank account (and if we did, by the way, it would be with a credit union), if it’s within your means to make a small donation for the cause, you can do so through Environment Hamilton. Their Donation webpage provides instructions for donating via a credit or debit card or by cheque. They note that:

If you want your donation to be directed to a specific project or use within Environment Hamilton, please send us an email at contactus@environmenthamilton.org and let us know the details of your request.

So you could donate to them and specify that your donation should be directed in total or in part to a pool that is for the use of Hamilton 350.

Thank you!
The Hamilton 350 Committee