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Action Groups

Each of Hamilton 350’s campaigns is associated with a lead action group. Campaign objectives, tactics and metrics are define in action group meetings. These are public meetings whose schedule and Zoom links can be found in the Upcoming Events section of this website. We welcome new people to attend any of these meetings.

As well as driving a particular campaign, each action group contributes to and participates in other campaigns, as appropriate.

Climate Justice (CJ)

Our mission is to incorporate anti-racism and anti-oppression values and practices into the work that Hamilton 350 does. We share resources and collaborate with other H350 action groups on solidarity initiatives. We also connect with other organizations doing similar work in order to understand their issues and concerns and to promote a common awareness of the climate crisis on marginal groups in particular.

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Conservation Matters (CM)

We are concerned with protecting our natural areas and wetlands. We monitor the activities of the Conservation Areas in the region, attending and reporting on their meetings. We have also created a series of webinars covering attacks on the climate and the environment and advocating for natural solutions to both damaging the climate and adapting to the changes.

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Elders 4 Climate Sanity (E4CS)

We are a group of H350 elders whose goal is to use our time and life experience to help end fossil fuel use in Hamilton and beyond. Our primary objectives are to promote divestment of fossil fuels in banks and pension funds, to support the indigenous struggle against proposed pipelines through Wet’suwet’en land, and to call out greenwashing wherever we see it.

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Fossil Fuel Resistance (FFR)

Our mission is to oppose the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructures by countering disinformation, raising awareness of the harm that Enbridge is causing in our community, calling out the destructive policies of our provincial government, promoting alternatives to gas appliances, and working with partner organizations towards increasing the production of renewables in Ontario.

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Transit Matters (TM)

Along with the Hamilton branch of the Council of Canadians, we worked leading up to the provincial and municipal elections in 2022 to promote free, frequent and clean public transit. We believe that getting single-driver cars off the road has many benefits, and also that the slogan on HSR buses, Powered by Natural Gas, is deceptive and harmful.

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Other initiatives

A few other groups provide support and direction for Hamilton 350. These include the Steering Committee (responsible for setting overall goals and direction); the Welcoming Committee (responsible for orienting new members); and Digital Communication (responsible for our website, social media content, email bulletins, and general IT matters).

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