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Fossil Fuel Resistance

The mission of Fossil Fuel Resistance (FFR) is to oppose the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructures by countering disinformation, raising awareness of the harm that Enbridge is causing in our community, calling out the destructive policies of our provincial government, promoting alternatives to gas appliances, and working with partner organizations towards increasing the production of renewables in Ontario.

In the past, we have coordinated with other organizations to successfully stop an Enbridge pipeline which would have crossed through the Beverly Swamp in rural Hamilton, and are still monitoring the situation.

Getting Off Gas

FFR is the lead action group for the Getting Off Gas campaign. Background information about that campaign can be found here.

In this section, we will provide updates from Fossil Fuel Resistance action group meetings, details of planned events, and news items relating to the campaign.

Recent discussions

The OEB decision

We’re focusing on Doug Ford’s overruling of the OEB’s Enbridge decision. We aim to raise public awareness with a number of street canvassing events, letter writing campaigns, newspaper editorials, and so on.

The fossil fuel hook-up ban

We’re looking to join with groups such as Environmental Defence (ED), Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), the Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA), and The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) to have Hamilton pass a municipal ban on fossil fuel hook-ups (even though the Province would strike it down). We also want to promote a conversation about why other jurisdictions, such as Vancouver and Quebec, have been able to do this but Ontario cities can’t.

Other issues

Electric Arc Furnace Dust (EAFD) Recycling Facility

GFL Environmental is proposing to install High Temperature Metal Recovery (HTMR) Electric Arc Furnace Dust (EAFD) recycling technology at its Brant Street facility in Hamilton. The stated purpose is to “receive, store and recycle Ontario waste class 143 (residues from steel making) solid hazardous waste”.

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Work at the Dofasco site is underway. Enbridge’s OEB filing listed a $100 million cost for this “customer-driven” project, to be completed in 2028.

We would like to obtain verification of the emissions reductions claims, possibly via a third-party expert assessment.

Province-wide resistance to Doug Ford

We believe that province-wide “days of action” protests, echoing the widespread resistance to the Mike Harris administration, are being planned around the so-called Get It Done Act. We are interested in participating in such events at the local level.

Recent news

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