Hamilton 350 Committee

Get Involved

Join a Hamilton 350 committee

Pick the issues on which you wish to focus and make a difference. Present your updates at monthly meetings. Get to know the other members of the committee and choose a representative for the Steering Committee.

Committees include:

Note: As we are a volunteer organization, there are no defined time commitments for any committee. You can show up, see what role works for you, and give what you can. However, we would ask you to be realistic about what tasks you can undertake and to be honest with your group if you can’t complete something within the agreed-upon timeframe.

General Members

You don’t have to join a sub-group to make a difference. Stay updated through our mailing lists and attend monthly meetings and monthly Conservation Authority (CA) webinars.

There’s always a need for various ad hoc roles from time to time. For example, setting up for and attending actions, distributing flyers, writing campaign letters, submitting content for monthly meetings, attending and reporting back on external events.

There is also a General Member representative on the Steering Committee.