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Reject Enbridge’s Proposed Gas Line Subsidy!

Hamilton City Council today unanimously endorsed a motion supporting the OEB’s rejection of Enbridge’s proposed gas pipeline subsidy. Enbridge’s proposal would shift the cost of building of new gas pipelines onto its customers. Doug Ford has threatened to overrule the OEB’s rejection. See the motion and a supporting email from Environmental Defence. In addition, Hamilton 350 and […]

NDP calls for ban on ‘misleading, deceptive’ fossil fuel ads

The NDP’s natural resources critic Charlie Angus tabled a private members bill (C-372) in the House of Commons this week. The bill would ban what the party describes as misleading fossil fuel advertising, similar to the way cigarette ads were restricted in the 1990s. Read the article on the CBC website

Clean Creatives: PR Professionals for a Safe Climate

Over 50 Canadian advertisers and PR agencies have joined a 900-strong global group that has pledged not to work for the fossil fuel industry. Founded in the U.S., the Clean Creatives group aims to shine a light on the key and often overlooked role advertisers play in generating and spreading disinformation about fossil fuels and […]

What does COP28 have to do with me?

The latest UN Climate Change Conference in the United Arab Emirates (COP28) may seem a long way from our priority issues at home: the cost-of-living crisis, health care, unemployment, homelessness and global conflicts. But while Pierre Poilievre glibly lays all these at the feet of Justin Trudeau, the fact is the climate crisis has a […]

Enbridge and TC Energy implicated in attempts to pervert democracy

Enbridge and TC Energy are among the top 10 companies that lobbied most for anti-protest bills since 2017, along with ExxonMobil, Koch Industries and Marathon Petroleum. According to a report by Greenpeace USA, Dollars vs. Democracy 2023: Inside the Fossil Fuel Industry’s Playbook to Suppress Protest and Dissent in the United States, nine of the […]

Hamilton Airport 20-year plan misses the boat on climate

Hamilton 350 Committee steering committee member Don McLean spoke at the October 6 meeting of the city’s Airport Committee. The agenda subject matter was a 20 year master plan proposed by the airport’s private operators of the city-owned airport. Among the issues raised by Mr McLean was the very limited attention to climate change in […]

Assessing ExxonMobil’s global warming projections

Science, one of the most authoritative journals in the world, published an article in January 2023 providing solid evidence that Exxon Mobile and other fossil fuel corporations had clear knowledge of the harm they were causing. Their modelling was excellent. They knew all along that they were largely responsible for global warming yet they buried the […]

Letter of Support for the MacDivest Hunger Strike

The Hamilton 350 Committee, a 14-year-old volunteer climate action organization, supports the students of MacDivest and applauds their personal sacrifice in launching a hunger strike at McMaster University on March 20. That said, we also wish to express our concern for the health of those involved in the hunger strike. The students are justly opposing […]

Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action

Hamilton 350’s Climate Justice subcommittee meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Starting on Feb 28th and continuing over the next few meetings—in addition to covering other climate justice issues—we will spend part of the meeting reviewing some of the Truth and Reconciliation’s Calls to Action. For the initial meeting, we’ll be looking […]