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We may have won the battle but the war’s not over

Doug Ford has finally decided that the heat’s too much and has backtracked over the Greenbelt debacle. For the latest information, see the CBC, the Globe and Mail, and the Hamilton Spectator. And for a more insightful analysis, see The Conversation, which points out that the Greenbelt giveaway had nothing to do with creating affordable […]

The Ford government has a selective memory

From the Ontario Headwaters Institute: “Just a few weeks ago, we shared with the public and reminded the government that its “Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan” was still a draft, languishing for what is now 4 years and 9 months on the Environmental Registry of Ontario without a decision notice. 1,155 signatories to our petition agreed that […]

Greenbelt Winners and Losers

Who got paid off? That’s a key unanswered question in the Auditor-General’s damning report on how the provincial Conservative government carved up the Greenbelt. She tells us the land speculators will get over $8 billion in a process that strongly suggests corruption. Three prominent Conservatives are identified by the AG – Premier Ford, Housing Minister […]

Ford is showing us who he is really serving

The Greenbelt has been carved up; the Conservation Authorities gutted; wetlands opened for paving; municipal governments financially hamstrung; and massive boundary expansions imposed onto Hamilton and Halton foodlands. There have been over 80 rallies across the province. The tide of anger at Premier Doug Ford is understandable but probably misdirected. It mistakenly assumes that voters […]

Reconsidering the Airport Expansion Growth District (AEGD)

As climatic chaos spreads across the globe we need to re-examine both the threat it poses to Hamiltonians and the ways in which it is being made worse by once accepted development activity. Hundreds of acres of farmland, wetlands, woodlots and other natural features are threatened by the city’s Airport Employment Growth District (AEGD). This […]