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Author: Mary Love

Fo$$il Bank$ Make Graves Hallowe’en Picket

On Saturday, 28 October, the Elders for Climate Sanity picketed that Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and the other Big Banks at the 4 Banks corner in Dundas. RBC is the Grim Reaper of the Earth, wreaking havoc over Indigenous lands with their destructive operations. Their Profits over People culture results in: Funding billions of […]

Don Brown receives Hamilton’s Economic Leadership award

The awards gala program cited Don’s “leadership attributes”, his skill in raising awareness of the climate emergency, and his work “educating people about divesting from financial institutions.” Present to celebrate were Don’s family members (in town from BC), friends Rose Janson (also an Elder) and David Cooke, who each submitted a letter of support for […]

The Elders at Supercrawl

The Elders 4 Climate Sanity and friends took to Supercrawl in September to let passersby know that TD Bank—the festival’s main sponsor—is the main banker for tar sands bitumen, an extremely polluting substance. The Big Banks and the companies they service hope their greenwashing will distract customers and shareholders from their continued loan-making to companies […]

Dirty Banks Protest in Dundas

Thanks, Neal, and Lucia, for joining your Elders 4 Climate Sanity in Dundas today to call out our Dirty Banks, talk with their customers, and treat the bank staff and passers by to seasonal treats! We covered all four bank corners, and also sang Happy Birthday to Don Brown (farthest left in photo) who turns […]

Locke Street Unlocked

Once again on Sunday, September 18, 2022, Elders for Climate Sanity (Gail, Mary, Sheila Sue and Don) met at Locke Street Unlocked to continue “Bank Action”. With the Street blocked to traffic and lined with vendors, we mingled with the crowds distributing pamphlets and carrying the giant Cheque: “For Our Kids”. There are an amazing […]

E4CS at Cactus Fest

Hamilton 350’s Elders 4 Climate Sanity continued their festival hopping this past weekend. Here’s a couple of photos from our Saturday outing to the Dundas Cactus Festival, where we handed out about two hundred Your Banking Matters flyers and engaged with young families and other members of the public. Response was overwhelmingly positive. Oh, and […]

E4CS at the Festival of Friends

People were for the most part friendly and open to the Hamilton 350 Elders 4 Climate Sanity at the Festival of Friends on Saturday in lovely Gage Park, Hamilton. We each spoke with dozens of festival goers. The Elders chose a “Friends Protect Friends from the Climate Crisis” theme to complement the festival. We spoke […]