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Other Initiatives

Steering Committee (SC)

This committee was created in the Fall of 2020 as part of a restructuring to ensure that behind-the-scenes tasks are distributed more evenly among members. They make emergency decisions between meetings, draft and distribute meeting agendas and minutes, coordinate actions and ideas between action groups, and help guide the organization. It comprises a member from each action group and a representative from the general membership.

Welcoming Committee (WC)

The Welcoming Committee was created along with the Steering Committee as part of our restructuring, in recognition that it is difficult to join a new group and that we can do more to make new members feel welcome. The committee chats with new and re-involved members to match up their skills and interests with campaigns and action groups, and checks in to see how they are adjusting.

Digital Communication (DC)​

Our Digital Communication committee supports the following activities:

Website: Establish our presence and principles; summarize the activities of our campaigns and action groups; display recent news and upcoming events; and much more.

Social Media: Amplify our messages and those of our allies through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Newsletters: Broadcast curated bulletins and announcements to our membership list.

Other: Support our email account, internal messaging app, mailing list and event calendar; perform general IT administration.

Listening & Sharing Circles​

These circles are a space to share your feelings and concerns about the climate crisis in a facilitated, supportive and non-confrontational setting. They have proven to be helpful both to climate activists and to others – a good place to invite friends or family – where expertise or detailed knowledge are not required and all views are listened to with respect.