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Letter of Support for Wet’suwet’en Land Defenders

The Hamilton 350 steering committee is in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en land defenders who are on the front
lines of climate and biodiversity action. They are in court after defending their own lands against Coastal Gas
Links (CGL) and the “Community Industry Response Group” of the RCMP.

We understand that CGL rammed its pipeline through Wet’suwet’en traditional territories that are under the
authority of the traditional Confederacy Chiefs. The only permission gained by CGL for putting this pipeline
through this territory has been granted by Wet’suwet’en band councils. Band councils were imposed on first
nations by the Federal Government in 1886 under the “Indian Act”.

The Chiefs and band council members operate under a colonial governance system and are only responsible for
reservation lands, having no authority over the rest of the traditional territory. Without the permission of the
traditional Confederacy Chiefs, GCL and the RCMP are trespassing.

The land defenders’ actions illustrate the important distinction between traditional Indigenous practice,
protecting and sustaining biodiversity, versus the profit motivated activities of colonizers and their

The crimes committed during the strife between CGL and the Wet’suwet’enland defenders are attributable to CGL
and the RCMP. As we continue down the spiral of human-caused climate change, we need to learn lessons from our
Indigenous sisters and brothers. Rather than squeezing every bit of profit out of our lands as we degrade the
land water and atmosphere, we need to learn to think 7 generations into the future.

If you would like to help, please consider the following options:

  1. Amplify their message and testimony!

    Reshare and boost posts by @yintah_access on Instagram and Gidimt’en Checkpoint (X and Facebook). Make
    posts using the hashtags: #WetsuwetenLandWetsuwetenLaw #DroptheCharges #AllOutForWedzinKwah

    Throughout this week you can also follow and retweet live-tweets from @AbolishCirg! This will include
    testimony from Shaylynn Sampson and Sleydo’ so make sure to keep an eye out.

  2. Publish an organizational letter of support.

    If you are part of a group or organization, consider writing a public letter of support for the land
    defenders testifying next week and circulate widely on your social media and networks. Let your
    followers and supporters know that you stand with the land defenders.

  3. Donate to the Wet’suwet’en Legal Defence Fund

    Legal defence for trials like these is expensive and time consuming, so donating is one way you can make
    sure that the land defenders can continue their struggle for their land, and for our collective future.
    Every dollar counts, and if you can’t donate yourself, think about sharing this request with someone who

  4. Provide in-person support!

    If you live near Smithers, BC, you can attend the trial in-person or join a support rally outside the
    courthouse. Gidimt’en Checkpoint is inviting supporters to attend the trial in-person at the Smithers
    Courthouse (9-4 pm each day). On June 21, celebrated in so-called Canada as National Indigenous Day, we
    will celebrate the end of one more week of survival at the Main Street stage at 5pm with food and music!

Hamilton 350 is a not-for-profit climate defence organization with several subcommittees, including the
Climate Justice action group. This letter was initiated by that action group and has the support of the H350
Steering Committee.