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Assessing ExxonMobil’s global warming projections

Science, one of the most authoritative journals in the world, published an article in January 2023 providing solid evidence that Exxon Mobile and other fossil fuel corporations had clear knowledge of the harm they were causing. Their modelling was excellent. They knew all along that they were largely responsible for global warming yet they buried the results and carried on with their business plan to profit from ruining the climate.

From the introduction to the article:

“For decades, some members of the fossil fuel industry tried to convince the public that a causative link between fossil fuel use and climate warming could not be made because the models used to project warming were too uncertain. Supran et al. show that one of those fossil fuel companies, ExxonMobil, had their own internal models that projected warming trajectories consistent with those forecast by the independent academic and government models. What they understood about climate models thus contradicted what they led the public to believe.”

 —H. Jesse Smith for Science Magazine

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