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What should we do with the Greenbelt?

This item was extracted from an email sent to Hamilton 350 by one of our members.

If I could, I would tell [the City] to develop the land with restorative farming, which aims to replenish the soil by rotating crops and allowing the sharp hooved animals free range or better yet, to develop the lands with native plants: paw paw trees, choke cherry bushes, oaks, sugar maples, tulip trees, etc.

Let’s keep urban development in existing already-serviced urban boundaries, where high density housing can be built at lower costs, providing multiple units at a low price. Within the erstwhile urban boundaries, sewers, water mains, electrical lines, roads, schools, libraries, stores, churches, transit, etc. already serve underdeveloped and empty lots. 

We’ve no need to hand developers land on a silver platter so they may make the big bucks.

Let’s keep our Greenbelt GREEN.