Hamilton 350 Committee

Once again on Sunday, September 18, 2022, Elders for Climate Sanity (Gail, Mary, Sheila Sue and Don) met at Locke Street Unlocked to continue “Bank Action”. With the Street blocked to traffic and lined with vendors, we mingled with the crowds distributing pamphlets and carrying the giant Cheque: “For Our Kids”.

There are an amazing number of children, large and small, accompanying their parents on such occasions. Considerable willingness on the part of people to accept our pamphlets, with more than the usual number stopping to engage in conversation.

In addition to pamphlets, Gail offered letters addressed to Bank CEOs and other Financial Officers for people to sign and mail.

Spending almost an hour, we were just about finished when down poured the forecasted rain causing everyone to scurry and take shelter where they could.

We were satisfied with the afternoon’s endeavour.