Hamilton 350 Committee

Are you committed to Decolonial Solidarity work? Are you keen to expose RBC and the other banks’ violations of Indigenous Solidarity?  Do you want to equip yourself better for creating solid strategies?  Then join the Decolonial Solidarity mailing list! You can sign up and view their resources in the Decolonial Solidarity LinktreeThere’s a Strategy 101 Workshop coming up on Wednesday, September 14 you won’t want to miss!

Under their umbrella, Hamilton 350 Elders 4 Climate Sanity, along with DeColSolHam (aka XR Hamilton Indigenous Affinity group), are looking for new groups to adopt RBC branches in Hamilton. Each of our groups is already in the process of adopting one RBC branch, but there’s a number of other ones awaiting adoption, hehe.

Can you make a team up if you don’t already belong to an existing group? Yes! It could be you and your family who want to protect the future of your kids. It could be your baseball team (something exciting to do together in the offseason😎). It may be your knitting club who could make 🧣🧤for bank tellers.

Your imagination’s the limit! You can launch your own affinity group right on the Linktree above.

Get in touch with the Elders at elders4climatesanity@gmail.com or HamDeColSol at xrhamilton@protonmail.com if you want to know more abut the local scene. 

Come along to one of our adopted branch actions and see if it’s something you’d like to take on yourself! There’s knowledgeable, approachable coaches available online for each affinity group through the Decolonial Solidarity’s org.