Chloe and I watched the HCA meeting last night.  Follow up on the house on 15 Oakwood Place that wanted to install a hydro pool that Nancy noted.

The HCA staff did a long excellent presentation for 40 mins and the home owners talked for 20 mins and questions asked. Then a 30 mins. in-camera session for the board to decide (you can see how these meetings can go a long time…).  The outcome the owners can proceed BUT only after fulfilling a few things and one would be a very expensive  geotechnical report on the stability of the slope.  The owner showed photos of 3 or 4 of his neighbours properties with big desks and pools sticking out in to the  ravine – so think the board felt sorry for the owners for their fairly modest request.  His house was build 30 years ago and its footprint is even too close for the slope.

other important things – the HCA will not be spraying for Gypsy moth (can’t remember what we are supposed to call these creatures now).  But I saw in Lloyd’s report in the Ancaster News that the city would be doing arial spraying at the end of May.  The HCA thinks that banding the trees and egg scrapping is the way to control the moths.  That means for me I will be busy all spring as the caterpillars emerge – they almost killed my apple tree last year.

Flooding watch was also mentioned last night. Sunday with higher temperatures will be a concern with ice melt and monitoring will occur.  otherwise no immediate concerns since Feb. 22nd.

The CEO gave the 2021 annual report – now on-line and copies being sent out.

Lloyd Ferguson had to make a comment something like

“ The public who thought we were going in the wrong directions should get a copy of the annual report”.  (think that means you and me!!). 

Sue Carson