Hamilton 350 Committee

Conservation Matters

The Conservation Authorities (CA) group creates our monthly webinar series covering attacks on the climate and the environment and advocates for natural  solutions to both damaging the climate and adapting to the changes.

Prompted by the Ford government’s decision to limit the power of Conservation Authorities and to move forward with destructive developments on protected lands, this subgroup aims to create a new vision for a democratic, participatory, and community-oriented system where regular citizens can have a say in what happens in their local environments.

The CA subgroup also works with and supports a variety of local organizations across the province who are resisting this destruction and follows local and provincial news.

8 Jun 2022: Join Leadnow’s letter-writing campaign to stop this disaster.

Recent News

We need your help!

On August 8, the City of Hamilton is debating the draft climate strategy, this will…

Phase 2 Regulations for the Conservation Authorities Act

The Phase 2 regulations for the Conservation Authorities Act have been posted on the e-laws…

HCA Meeting

Chloe and I watched the HCA meeting last night.  Follow up on the house on…

Video 1: How to win: Knocking down a pipeline and a developer.

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