Hamilton 350 Committee

Fo$$il Bank$ Make Graves Hallowe'en Picket

On Saturday, 28 October, the Elders for Climate Sanity picketed that Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and the other Big Banks at the 4 Banks corner in Dundas.

The message

RBC is the Grim Reaper of the Earth, wreaking havoc over Indigenous lands with their destructive operations.

Their Profits over People culture results in:

  • Funding billions of dollars in fossil fuel companies while ignoring clean, renewable energy.
  • Foreclosing on mortgages while making obscenely huge profits off Canadians.
  • Disregarding Indigenous rights.

The ask

Tell your Grim Reaper-run bank that you’re switching to a credit union: a livelier, less grungy, more local form of banking!